February 21, 2017

Flora Nova Loves Green

Instead of bringing you another wedding this week we wanted to talk a little about a subject close to our hearts: greenery! It is pantone’s color of the year and is in our opinion always in season and fashion!  We gathered together several pictures from different events to show you the versatility and beauty of greenery. From monochromatic arrangements of all greens, to being the most natural perfect accompaniment to flowers – let’s give greenery some love, flowers are always in the spotlight.

Aren’t these bouquets stunning? Quite the opposite of boring, the beauty and interesting textures you can find are so exciting and very romantic, we love using trailing greens like jasmine, clematis or maidenhair ferns. If your venue has a staircase why not cover the banister in vines like the one above?!

These are some ideas for your ceremony – from an arch covered in vines or corner arrangements on a lucite chuppa to greenery aisle runners or simple bunches tied with ribbon on the chairs – so many different looks and ways to incorporate beautiful green.

Creating a greenery garland directly on the table is always a beautiful accompaniment combined with tall arrangements or on its own. Hanging green chandeliers can help to fill the space with nature and bring even more interesting ways to incorporate it on more than just the table tops. Here are a few pictures of other reception arrangements we have made incorporating this theme.

Another lovely idea is garlands to line your pictures, signs, or even drapes! We love the special added detail of greeting your guests to the table with sprigs of fresh herbs on every napkin, simply perfect.

There are many ways to add the organic natural beauty of all to often overlooked greens to your events, we can’t wait to see what inspires you!

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