March 16, 2017

Bridal Bouquet Shapes

The Various Shapes and Styles of a Bridal Bouquet

Here is part 1 of a 3-part series where we discuss all topics around the bouquet: Bridal Bouquet Shapes, Flowers, and Pricing. But before we go into cost, we want to cover the different styles and shapes of a bridal bouquet.

Classic. Rounded. Lush. Airy. Trailing. Tear-drop. Free-form.  So many different ways to describe your wedding bouquet!  The trouble is, each of these descriptors mean something different to each of us!  What might be “airy” to one designer might be “rounded” to another.  So, today we are taking a look at some of our favorite bouquets from past weddings and talking a little about what goes into describing your perfect bouquet.

The Rounded Bouquet

Let’s start with the classic, rounded bouquet. Romantic garden roses, ranunculus, peonies, gardenias–sigh, these are the grande dames of the flower world! Put them all together you have a gorgeous rounded, usually tight bouquet that conveys romance, elegance, and tradition.

The Textured Bouquet

Or how about we add a little bit of texture and greenery? The shape of these bouquets is still rounded, and the style tight and dense, but the added texture gives these bouquets some dimension and movement.

The Trailing Bouquet

Still too structured?  Oh, we can get wilder, yes we can. Now we’re getting closer to what we might call “airy,” “tear-drop,” or “trailing.” Lots of textural elements (as you can see, those range from ferns to feathers), something interesting or unexpected (fern curls, amaranthus, succulents, air plants), and definitely some “movement” to the bouquet.  While the more classic, rounded bouquets are designed tightly and precisely, the flowers in these bouquets are allowed a little wiggle room to bounce, flounce, and float down the aisle.

The Wild Bouquet

Still too tame for you?  You must be a more “free-form” kind of bride.  Not afraid to break a few floral design rules.  Well, we have bouquets for you, too! *Swoon!* All that texture! All that green!  All that movement! These bouquets have the feel of a freshly picked bunch of wild flowers – yet they are also carefully, passionately crafted works of art.  Showstoppers.

Which one of these bouquets is speaking your language?  Are you classic and traditional? Free-spirited and ready to dance your way down the aisle?  Or are you a showstopper ready to bring in a little drama? We’re ready to help you express yourself on the big day!

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