January 2, 2018

Wedding Ceremony Arches – Styles, Shapes, and Designs

It’s time for another themed blog post – this one is all about arches, arbors, and backdrops for your wedding ceremony. Couples have a wide range of options when choosing the backdrop for their wedding.  For those couples tying the knot in an ornate church, museum, or hilltop viewpoint, the backdrop may need no extra embellishment. But for most couples, adding a little drama, romance, or sparkle can make their big moment even more momentous.

Here at Flora Nova, we have designed many different types of ceremony arches over the years, from sweetly simple draped structures to dramatic lucite and crystal showstoppers.  Each couple we work with has their own taste, personality, and vision for their wedding day, and we are privileged to help bring each couple’s unique vision to life.

Couples seeking to infuse their wedding with a bit of extra romance often rely on the draped softness of fabric and/or greenery for their ceremony arches.  For example, Lauren and Jake, above, chose a modern lucite arch and softened the contemporary lines with delicate smilax vines and asymmetrical blush and cream floral for a look that oozes romance.  Lush greenery has been very popular for the past several years, especially here in the green Northwest, and our couples love to embrace the beauty of our natural surroundings.  Below are examples of lush greenery arches used in a variety of settings:

The soft romantic draped arch is also a perennial favorite.  You will see that some couples chose to make the draped arch truly their own by customizing the size and placement of the floral touches, adding lace, or drawing back the drapery in an asymmetrical fashion.  These draped arches can often work just as well in an outdoor setting as they do in a ballroom, as you can see here:

For couples who lean more toward the dramatic, the ceremony arch can be the perfect canvas to showcase the couple’s creativity and the excitement of their wedding day. For Bindu and Dan’s wedding, for example, this elegant couple said their wedding vows beneath a towering mirrored structure crowned with white orchids.  Talk about drama!

Arches can be lucite or mirrored, willow or birch, draped or greened, romantic or dramatic, simple or simply glamorous!

What do you think? Is your vision for a ceremony backdrop among those shown above? If not, we would be thrilled to design your very own, unique version. Just let us know.

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