May 14, 2018

Hanging Floral Installations

For clients looking to take their wedding or event to a whole new level of drama and “wow,” hanging floral installations are often the way to go.  From adding green vines to existing chandeliers to suspending large floral wreaths to designing one-of-a-kind natural structures, we have done it all!  It is always so much fun to push our creativity and ingenuity in coming up with new and exciting ways to bring our clients’ vision to life.  And, if you’re looking to add that extra punch to your upcoming event, here are some fun ideas for you!

Tents are often the perfect place to add hanging floral.  For this wedding at DeLille Cellars (pictured above), the existing tent already had great chandeliers – they just needed a little greenery to take them over the top.  Now when the guests enter the tent for dinner, instead of a blank white tent ceiling, they eyes are drawn to a lush hanging garden.  The whole space seems more inviting and cozy with the addition.

Hanging floral installations can be dressed up or dressed down, as you can see in these next examples.  In the first picture (above), the hanging wreaths suspended from the peak of this sophisticated sailcloth tent add a touch of romance to this elegant backyard wedding.  In the next example, strung vines across the ceiling of this enclosed tent add a touch of summer to a winter corporate event.  And finally, in the last two examples, grapevine and floral wreaths are the perfect addition to these two informal events – the first on a dude ranch, and the second on Orcas Island.

Each event has its own particular style and atmosphere, and hanging floral installations can often serve as statement pieces that epitomize that unique, individual style.  In the first example (above), a long floral and greenery bar suspended low over the head table creates a focal point in the dining room and highlights the intimate, romantic, and sophisticated feel of this wedding.  In the next example, the dance floor becomes the focal point, with a custom willow, greenery, and floral installation centered over this first dance.  This is an intimate moment, yes, but this installation points ahead to the joyful, colorful, larger-than-life party that is about to break out after this first dance finishes.  The clean, spare lines of this last example perfectly compliment the tasteful, understated architecture, linens, chairs, and table settings for this elegant wedding of two creative professionals.  Individual tulips suspended in a ring on filament hover over each table like a halo.  In each example, these hanging floral installations help to articulate the clients’ vision and bring their dream event to life.

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