March 12, 2019

Event Design – Event Planning – Floral Design – Event Styling …

So, what is the difference between a planner and a designer? What does it all mean and what can you expect from each vendor?

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion regarding Event Planning versus Event Design, or Event Styling. Every so often our Event Design company gets confused with an event planning business. While we do handle an important part of the overall event planning process, we are not the same as a planning company! With this blog post I’d like to explain the difference between the two jobs. And I will outline the different service levels that our team at Flora Nova Design can offer.

Elegant Summer Private Estate Wedding. Flora Nova Design Seattle

A beautiful wedding reception for which we helped design and provided floral services

First, I want to explain the difference between an event planner and an event designer:

The event planner is a professional who handles all the logistics of an event, from finding a location to making sure vendors are paid. The planner handles all the intricate details of an event: the menu, dress selection, the hair and makeup appointments, the detailed schedule leading up to the big day, the transportation and accommodations of guests, makes travel arrangements, and so on. The event planner is often called an event coordinator.

The event designer creates a vision for an event and then designs all of the visual details to transform your space and tie it all together to ensure a cohesive look and feel across all elements. The designer can help you come up with the overall look: general style and theme of the event including color palette, design style, and overall direction. This includes the floral designs, decor elements like chairs, linens, furniture, table top elements, and much more. The designer creates an enticing floor plan, can design the food buffet displays, and can give input on cake design, invitation design, and attire.

To distinguish the two different jobs here some specific examples:

While the designer will advise on the look and feel of an escort card table, they will not actually assemble that table on the day of your event. And while designer might help you choose the right guest favor that matches the overall style of your event, they will not coordinate the production, timely shipment, or placement of the favors. While the designer might give input on the look and feel and the design of your menu card at each place setting, they will not get it printed and delivered to your event location.

You start seeing the difference … More on Flora Nova’s different event design services below.

Our Services

At Flora Nova Design we offer 3 different design services. You’ll notice that I don’t want to call them “packages” as each service level is completely customizable and the cost for each depends greatly on the extent of our involvement:

  1. “Floral A la carte”: Floral only
  2. “Floral Plus”: Floral plus Decor Services or Decor Rental coordination services
  3. “Signature Flora Nova “: The Full Event Design option

Floral Only or Floral A La Carte:

If you choose this service option, you have your design completely figured out: you know exactly what floral pieces you know and will most likely work with an event planner who is helping you choose all of the decorative elements. You have determined your color palette, your design styles, and already know what you want in detail. We will present all the fun floral choices and help you choose from the endless options of design styles, floral varieties, and pricing options to create a flower order fully customized to your very specific needs.

If you are not working with an event planner, we will address overall design elements (like specialty rentals, floor plan, lighting, etc) and you have the option to handle these tasks on your own or can have us assist with them (see options 2 and 3 below).

Floral Plus:

Besides all of your floral needs, we also help you with various design elements and can coordinate any specific decor rental elements: specialty chairs and linens, lounge furniture, specialty table top elements (charger plates, flatware, glassware, dishes etc), draping, and lighting to name just a few. You know exactly what you want and just need help coordinating the details with the rental vendors. For a fee (a percentage of the total) we will handle all of the communication, determine final counts, and guarantee timely delivery of all rentals on the day of your event. Note, we will not assist with the selection process of the rentals – this process is part of our “Signature” service outlined below. Many of our clients who choose the Floral Plus option don’t work with an event planner but do have their overall design figured out: they just need coordination help.

This option can also include additional basic design services (charged by the hour) in case you’d like us to be involved in the selection process of rentals, want to schedule additional design meetings (if your plan changed), or would like our assistance with non-floral related design elements during setup day.

Signature Flora Nova:

This option is for all those clients who trust us to bring their vision to life but don’t know where to start. We will help you achieve that vision by helping you determine and select all design elements: the overall style and color palette, floral design styles, specialty rental selection process, lighting plan, floor plan selection, with input on invitations, cake, dresses, etc. Our goal is to create a memorable event by ensuring a cohesive overall look. We will present a comprehensive decor plan with quotes from the each of the vendors who will handle the decorative parts of the event. A design fee will cover these services and will ensure that creative owner Christiane Zweifler is involved throughout the design and implementation process and will be present the day of your event to oversee the setup and installation process. This level of service is often provided in coordination with a client’s event planner.

At Flora Nova Design we accept only a few select full-design projects each year. While we love designing events, we are leaving enough time for our main passion: designing beautiful floral arrangements.

I hope this blog post was helpful in understanding the different event tasks and responsibilities. Let us know your thoughts by leaving questions or comments below.

Finally some fun examples of recent full-design projects:

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