April 8, 2020

Bridal Bouquet Cost

What is the Average Cost of a Flora Nova Bridal Bouquet?

Here at Flora Nova Design the bridal bouquet takes center stage when we design a wedding. We hand select each ingredients at the markets that week. And we use only the best and nicest blooms from each bunch of flowers. The bridal bouquet is a true labor of love – that’s why we want to write a new blog post just about the making of the bouquet and the bridal bouquet cost.

You might remember our 3-part series from a few years ago about the various shapes of a bouquet, the different flowers we typically use in a bouquet, and the 3rd part, the bridal bouquet pricing. Since styles, trends, and pricing have changed since then, we thought it useful to revisit the topic again.

The images above might give you a sense of the various styles and sizes of the bouquets we have recently designed. Styles range from simple and rounded, to wild and elaborate. Therefore the cost for a Flora Nova bridal bouquet starts at about $240 and can go up to around $450.

The Starting Price of the Bouquet

The cost of a bridal bouquet designed by our team of designers at Flora Nova starts at around $245. But the vast majority of our bouquets fall within the range of $255-$300.

Bouquets at the very starting price are typically a little smaller, include basic ingredients like hydrangea, roses, spray roses, maybe some ranunculus or anemones.

They are rounded in shape, which typically are not as labor intensive. Here are a few examples.

Once a bouquet requires more skill and labor and it includes more unique or higher end flowers the price will go up. In the examples below, the structure of the bouquet often includes a special holder (a wired structure), which will affect the price. Or the bouquet includes high-end flowers like peonies, garden roses, garden spray roses, etc.

The High-End Bouquet

Now, the bouquets at the higher end of the spectrum are real pieces of art! These beauties amaze with their sheer size and the amazing floral elements they include. They range in price from $350-$450 and are for the bride wanting to make a true statement. Swoon!

Let us know whether we can help you create the bouquet of your dreams. Whether small and compact, or large and wild – we love designing them all. Call us to schedule your wedding consultation: 206-353-2904!

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