December 1, 2020

Decorating for the Holidays – Part 2

How Are You Decorating for the Holidays?

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet? Or are you overwhelmed by it all?

Today is December 1st and for me officially the start of decorating at home. At my house, I have been hanging lights above the fireplace and outside the main entrance door, and I placed a decorated wreath as centerpiece for my dining room table. Not much quite yet, but it’s starting to feel very festive. Much more decorations will follow in the coming days. This year seems especially important surrounding myself with pretty things.

But my favorite part is the dining room table. It’s where everything is happening: all meals of the day, crafting and sewing projects, playing games. So let’s talk about your holiday dinner table for a while – Flora Nova’s specialty!

Setting a Festive Dinner Table During the Holidays

Your dining room table is probably the centerpiece of your home. It certainly is for me, and I try to always have fresh flowers or seasonal decorations on it.

Whether it’s a fresh wreath, a fresh floral bouquet, or an arrangement containing seasonal elements and ornaments, please let us help you decorate for the holidays. And did you know that we can help beyond flowers and centerpieces? We can provide luxurious linens, chairs, candles, and specialty table top elements to make your intimate family dinner as festive as possible.

Here are just a few inspirations to get you in the mood:

And if you need more inspirations, you might like to check out these projects from previous years too:

Need a centerpiece? Need help decorating your home or office? We are here for you! Just send us an email at or fill out our contact form.

Happy Holidays!!

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