February 5, 2024

A Whimsical Moss Wedding

A whimsical moss wedding at Chihuly Glass and Garden is designed with the ethereal beauty of moss and the vibrant allure of flowers in breathtaking arrangements. The bride’s bouquet is designed with blooming floral branches, anthuriums, and calla lilies. The theme of whimsy takes root with the choice of moss and tropical flowers as a central element, creating an organic, fairytale ambiance. For this whimsical moss wedding, Chihuly Glass and Garden becomes a canvas where nature and art entwine. The moss and tropical floral arrangements create an atmosphere of enchantment, where every element tells a story of love.

A Tropical Moss Ceremony

Moss arrangements adorn this whimsical moss wedding at Chihuly Glass and Garden . The tropical floral arrangements create an enchanted pathway, inviting guests to step into a fairy-tale realm. Tropical floral arrangements line the aisle on either side, adding a charm to the surroundings. As the couple stands by the lush arrangements, the magic of the surroundings envelops them. Cascading tendrils of amaranthus drape the ceremony pedestals. Tropical floral arrangements burst forth in vivid hues of white yellow and green, accentuating the natural greens of exotic plants.

A Whimsical Moss Garden Reception

Tables adorned with moss and tropical blooms create a seamless blend of earthy elegance and tropical vibrancy. The moss, with its velvety green texture, along with tropical florals and limes decorate the reception tables. Chihuly’s glass sculptures, illuminated by soft, warm lighting, cast a mesmerizing glow over the reception space. The newly married couple sit in front of a customized neon sign by LightSmiths surrounded by lush floral arrangements of varying heights. The interplay of glass art, vibrant florals, and the natural lushness of moss transports guests into a dreamscape where reality and fantasy coalesce.

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Venue: Chihuly Garden and Glass

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Photographer: Lin Deng Photography

Rentals: CORT Party Rentals, LightSmiths

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