January 10, 2023

2023 Wedding Floral Trends

2023 Wedding Floral Trends – What can we expect in the coming year?

As wedding and event florists, we often get asked to weigh in on the hot 2023 wedding floral trends we see our clients asking for in the coming season. And, since our average wedding client books our services between 6 and 18 months before their wedding date, we are in an excellent position to give you an idea.

So, here it is, our predictions for the popular 2023 Wedding Floral Trends:

  • Ceiling and Wall Installations
  • Ceremony Floral Backdrops
  • Head Tables
  • Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

Ceiling and Wall Installations are a Big 2023 Wedding Floral Trend

First up: Ceiling Installations, Ceiling Chandeliers, and Wall Installations. Oh my goodness, who doesn’t love entering a room and being showered in roses or lush hanging greenery? 2023 brides love utilizing every inch of their ceremony and reception venues – from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. These hanging installations can incorporate greenery vines, greenery garlands, silk or fresh flower chandeliers, floral mixed with crystal strands or antique chandeliers. And there are no limits for the 2023 bride.

Below are some more installation projects we created for very recent weddings and events – and in 2023 we will definitely see more of this trend.

You can find more detailed inspirations in our blog post Daniela and Michael’s Greenery Wedding or Neetha and Binni’s Luxury Wedding.

Ceremony Floral Backdrops

Floral arches are an old wedding standby, as traditional and trusty as it gets. And while round or rectangular floral arches certainly aren’t going anywhere, 2023 brides are looking to put a new, fresh spin on this old standard. The non-traditional floral backdrop continues to be a 2023 wedding floral trend. The 2023 couple is looking for deconstructed floral arches, where different parts of the floral arch are missing entirely, creating the illusion that the flowers are floating in space. Going strong is also the arch that simply consist of 2 tall pillars, adorned with floral in an a-symmetric fashion. Furthermore, couples are opting for the grounded arch, where floral is positioned on the ground in a half-circle. A fabulous option if the background offers a stunning view which should not be obstructed. And of course the circle arch or moon arch will stay around for the coming season.

Will you opt for one of these more unusual backdrops for your ceremony?

Grand Head Tables

We see the continuing trend to create a beautiful focal point for the reception, and 2023 couples tend to go all out when it comes to their head table or sweetheart table. Whether it’s a large floral chandelier running the full length of the head table, or adding floral on top of the table or behind the table. Giving your head table or sweetheart table more attention will go a far way. And you will surely deliver a WOW factor for your guests.

To get more inspiration for weddings with a grand head table, you might want to read up Lindsay and Erin’s Fabulous Fairmont Wedding or Melissa and Andy’s Stunning Tent Wedding.

Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta

Pantone recently announced the Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta! Viva Magenta is a warm, deep pink hue and perfect to include in your color wedding palette. If it becomes a 2023 Wedding Floral Trend will need to be seen. So far we have not seen too many brides requesting this color to be included in their floral palette. But we sure would be excited to use this color in future designs. To get you inspired, here is a mood board we designed for you. What do you think? Will you use Viva Maganta in your upcoming wedding?

Mood Board for 2023 wedding floral trends using floral images with magenta colored flowers

We hope you enjoyed reading about upcoming trends for 2023. Drop us a comment with your thoughts and predictions. What are you seeing as a big hot trend this year?

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