September 11, 2023

This romantic storybook wedding in Seattle sparked our hearts! We love when couples add elements to the wedding day that really speak to them and their interests. This couple in particular were novel lovers, and they wanted that to be a part of their big day. The design for the stunning bridal bouquet included lush draping greenery and lovely white roses, anemones, and ranunculus. The bride chose to add lovely paper roses made from the pages of a loved novel! Taking place in the lovely brick walls of Axis Pioneer Square, the big day begins.

A Romantic Ceremony

The candle light aisle was filled with growing floral arrangements. We uniquely designed each aisle arrangements, creating a lush row of growing florals on either side of the aisle, each with candles tucked around it. A lush asymmetrical arch highlighted the ceremony space as the couple took their vows. Draping greenery creates the curves in the arch, creating a long trail around the couple as they stand. The greenery delicately laces around the lovely white roses and dahlias as the wispy scabiosa adds an airy texture to the installation. The couple shared their vows and kissed in front of their loved ones.

A Storybook Love Story

This storybook wedding in Seattle really took its theme during the reception. A love story themed seating chart! All of the guest names were printed on little books for guest to find their seats. We placed a lush floral arrangement on On The Wall Design Studio’s beautiful wooden seating chart. A growing floral arrangement decorated each table, lush and vibrant florals growing around stands and cnadles. The storybook theme didn’t end there, the table numbers were also printed on book pages and place on the tables. This wedding was a lovely day to add to this couples love story!

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Venue: Axis Pioneer Square

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Gian Events

Photographer: Urban Light Studios Photography

Rentals: CORT Party Rentals, On The Wall Design Studio

Lighting: Crimson Haze Event Lighting

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August 26, 2023

This absolutely gorgeous growing garden wedding was on a lovely Seattle summer day. Lush green trees enveloped the ceremony space as the rows of antique lounge seating by Vintage Ambiance filled the space. The aisle is lined with hundreds of lush white roses leading up to the front. Delicate strands on phales hang from the trees along side crystal chandeliers, surrounding the couple as they take their vows.

A Growing Garden Reception At The Olympic Rooftop

The Olympic Rooftop is transformed into an enchanted growing garden reception. We designed growing tress and hanging florals to fully transform the venue. Delicate strands of phales and moss hung from the ceiling, entangled with fairy lights.

Two of the main installations we designed were large trees, and the unique fireplace arrangment. The lovely growing trees had a dramatic and large visual impact in The Olympic Rooftop Pavilion. Designed with moss, greenery, and hanging white phales, these large hanging installations were absolute showstoppers. The guest names hung from the entrance tree branches, and the grabbed them as they made their way in. The lovely fireplace installation was a filled with dried leaves and dancing shapes from preserved florals. The vibrant white roses add a pop of fresh florals and really stood out as the fire flickered and the candles and lanterns light the installation.

This phenomenal and show stopping wedding was one to remember this Seattle summer. Unique, intimate, and personal in all of the right ways.

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Ceremony: Parsons Garden

Reception: Olympic Rooftop Pavillion

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Perfectly Posh Events

Photographer: Logan Westom

Rentals: CORT Party Rentals, Vintage Ambiance

Lighting: LightSmiths Seattle

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July 10, 2023

Emily and Will’s Elegant Chihuly Glasshouse Wedding

We love a vibrant summer wedding – especially if it’s held at the uber-elegant Chihuly Glasshouse in Seattle. Emily and Will chose a color palette for their wedding flowers that complemented the venue beautifully: various shaded of orange, hues of yellow, mixed with lush greenery. Locally grown summer garden flowers are available in abundance in August, and we used them happily throughout all their designs.

Emily’s lush garden bouquet contained roses, zinnias, cosmos, scabiosa, dahlias, and various textured pods and greens. It was such a pretty summer bouquet!

The Vibrant Summer Wedding Ceremony

Emily and Will’s ceremony was an elegant mix of lush garden greenery, glass candles, a chic clear lucite arch, and colorful summer garden flowers. The decorative focal point for their ceremony was a tall, clear lucite arch dripping with orange, peach, and coral flowers and lush greenery vines. We lined the aisle with glass hurricane candles, gold lanterns, floral planters, and attached greenery vines to some of the aisle chairs.

A Vibrant Wedding Reception

We love each and every time we get to work at the beautiful Chihuly Glasshouse in Seattle. There is so many ways to design an event that compliments the amazing glass art work in the ceiling. And this wedding was so fresh and colorful – it was a perfect design for summer! Neutral linens and gold Chivari chairs created the base and the colorful centerpieces and napkins added the cheerful pops of vibrant color. We loved how it all turned out!

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Venue: Chihuly Garden and Glass

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Photography: Jenn Tai & Co

Planner: New Creations Wedding Design & Coordination

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June 12, 2023

Richa and Anish’s tropical peach wedding on Lake Washington was another favorite of ours from the summer of 2023. We love a beautiful Indian wedding and this couple included quite a few pretty details that were so fun to design. Vessels spilling over with fresh floral, a tropical greenery wall, garlands with fresh peach flowers, and more. Richa in a beautiful peach colored saree and Anish in a deep green, embroidered traditional jacket – this couple looked truly stunning.

A Peach Lakefront Ceremony

For the outdoor ceremony on the large Hyatt Hotel patio we incorporated peach and white floral with tropical accents like large palm leaves and banana leaves. For this tropical peach wedding on Lake Washington we designed a wooden mandap with large color-blocked floral clusters featuring roses, dahlias, snapdragon, lisianthus, and stock in shades of peach and white. Large monstera leaves, palm, leaves, and banana leaves added that tropical touch the couple wanted to achieve.

A Tropical Reception

And look at their beautiful reception! For the stage we created a large tropical greenery wall that served as gorgeous backdrop. More floral waterfall vessels and lanterns decorated the stage which served as gorgeous focal point during the reception. The dinner tables were more simple, yet elegant in style: lots of bud vases and candles decorated some of the tables, while other tables were adorned with tropical floral centerpieces. Champagne linens and gold Chivari chairs completed the look.

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Venue: Hyatt Regency Lake Washington

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Occasions Wedding & Event Planning

Photographer: Stephanie Cristalli Photography

Makeup & Hair: Arianna Scott Makeup

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May 15, 2023

Cheryl and Manny’s wedding at the Chihuly Glass House in Seattle was a beautiful wedding with bursts of color. And it sure was an affair of classy, understated elegance. We provided textured floral in all white in a lush and tailored design style. The bouquets for the wedding party and the centerpieces included roses in creams and white, with white ranunculus, white dahlias and lisianthus, white astilbe, and white hanging amaranthus.

As it was a balmy warm summer day here in Seattle, the couple got married outside in the beautiful Chihuly glass garden, right in front of the gorgeous sun sculpture. With a stunning backdrop like that, no further floral embellishments were necessary. The large glass sun provided an impactful burst of color for their intimate ceremony.

A Starburst Chihuly Reception

When planning a wedding with bursts of color the little details count! Their beautiful reception in the Chihuly Glass House was an affair to be remembered. Glass table tops reflected the ceiling glass installation. As centerpieces we designed modern monochromatic floral in all white in black containers. These centerpieces provided a subtle yet striking accent. And white linens and clear lucite chairs added to the overall understated elegance of the evening. The small orange water goblets at each place setting added the perfect burst of color throughout. So pretty!

We loved the look of this event – what do you think?

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Venue: Chihuly Garden and Glass

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Photographer: Barbie Hull Photography

Planner: Perfectly Posh Events

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April 17, 2023

This outdoor wedding took place on a perfect summer day at Vashon Field and Pond. A simple yet stunning lush white bouquet laced with greenery and blueberries to add a seasonal touch. The bouquet was designed with white roses, ranunculus, and airy whimsical greens to create a perfect garden bouquet. An outdoor garden wedding by the water was is always a great way to celebrate the summer weather. Clear sky and views of the mountains are some of the many perks of PNW summers, so why not take advantage of that!

A Ceremony On The Water

For the ceremony, we designed an asymmetrical arch with lush greenery and white florals. The arch was designed with fluffy white roses, whimsical delphiniums, and lush greenery. Both sides of the aisle entrance were decorated with a long row of floral arrangements, bringing in the same elements as the arch. The bride and groom held hands through the ceremony and gave a swooning kiss as they walked down the aisle.

A Perfect Summer Tent Reception

Though we had to fight the wind a little to get the greenery installations up in the tent, we love how it turned out! The greenery hanging installations were at the center of the tent above the guest tables. We placed white floral arrangements and candles along the rest of the reception tables. We designed a special floral garland for the head table which cascaded off either side and flowed on to the grass. This wedding was filled with thoughtful decor and meaningful touches. With decorative elements along the bar, dessert table, and seating chart, each element had a unique touch. This wedding was on a perfect summer day at Vashon Field and Pond, and we were thrilled to see this weddings vision come to life.

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Vendor List

Venue: Vashon Field And Pond

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Photographer: Ryan Flynn Photography

Planner: Holly-Kate & Company Event Planning and Design

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March 13, 2023

Design a white and green wedding, but make it lush and grand? Absolutely! With this Columbia Winery wedding, we were able to take a classical color palette and turn it into a breathtaking design. Endless white roses and lush greenery surrounded everything, from the welcome sign to the wine barrels. The bouquets were designed using lush white roses with long stems, giving the bridal party a classical clean look. The arch was stunning, reaching high above the door way, filled with white roses and greenery. A clean yet grand look for a ceremony, and the perfect segue into a room with a floral ceiling at the Columbia Winery.

Dancing Under A Floral Ceiling

After coming down a candle lit staircase with cascading greenery, the guests would see a floral ceiling in the Columbia Winery reception hall. No words are needed to explain the butterflies you would get watching a first dance under a ceiling of hanging wisteria. This ceiling installation changed the look of the whole room! The head table had a long row of floral arrangements at the front and more placed across the top. Behind the head table were cascading floral arrangements on the wine barrels. An absolutely grand head table to be seated at to get front seats to the magic happening on the dance floor. Throughout the room were various tall and low floral arrangements and candles on each reception table. We love taking a classical color palette and turning it in to a wonderful dream come true!

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Vendor List

Venue: Columbia Winery

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Perfectly Posh Events

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February 26, 2023

We love doing weddings at the Fairmount Olympic Hotel! Every corner of this venue is a prefect photo background. Look at how beautiful and creative all of these bridal party photos are! For this wedding, we designed a classic white and lush palette, but with a modern twist. A truly elegant modern white wedding! All of the bouquets were designed with lush white flowers, including roses, ranunculus, and whimsical bits of delphinium. 

Modern Meets Classic Ceremony Arch

The ceremony arch was an absolute beauty! Puffs of white florals and airy whimsical touches laced this asymmetrical arch. White lush roses, hydrangea, and clouds of baby’s breath made these clouds of floral lush and stunning. Adding in beautiful stems of delphinium and cherry blossom added texture and airy whimsical elements. On either side of the aisle was a lush row of white petals and tall floral arrangements. These tall white floral arrangements incorporated the same lush and whimsical elements as the arch. As the couple walked down the aisle after they said their vows and kissed, everyone was ready to celebrate the now, husband and wife.

An Elegant Lush Reception

For this grand reception, the head table was placed in front of the lush white arch. We designed a cascading floral trail to match the lovely arch elements and have it flow from the top of the head table to the bottom. With candles lit around the head table, the front of the room looked immaculate. The guest reception tables were designed with tall lush floral arrangements and candelabra. This elegant and modern white wedding was an absolute beauty! 

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Vendor List:

Venue: Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Photographer: Brooke Nalani

Planner: Events With Alice

Rentals: Crimson Haze Event Lighting

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February 18, 2023

A recipe for enchantment: mix one part secret garden, two parts romantic summer flowers, three parts breath-taking floral installations, a sprinkling of candlelight, a touch of fairytale whimsy, and top it all off with delicate elven crowns. This enchanting wedding had it all! Ana and Ori’s September wedding at Bella Luna Farms (expertly planned by Jacky at Event Success!) was a feast for the eyes and the imagination. Ana dreamed of a floral fantasy wedding, with an oversized bridal bouquet, a chuppah dripping with flowers, and a cozy dinner by candlelight. We were honored to help make her vision of an enchanting garden wedding at Bella Luna a reality!

A Romantic Garden Ceremony

Ana and Ori’s enchanting ceremony took place in the center of the Bella Luna Farms garden under a lush floral chuppah dripping in blush, mauve, and cream flowers.

An Enchanting Wedding Reception In The Grape House

The enchantment continued with a candlelit dinner in the Grape House. Delicate glass orbs hung from the ceiling, vintage candelabras graced the tables, and behind the head table, flowers climbed up the walls to the ceiling.

Dancing In A Enchanted Floral Wonderland

After dinner, guests adjourned to a sailcloth tent for dessert and dancing. The couple danced the night away under a lush floral ceiling installation. And check out the gorgeous vintage furniture and lanterns by Vintage Ambiance! This was truly a night to remember!! All of the details came together so beautifully to make this enchanting garden wedding at Bella Luna unforgettable!