June 24, 2024

This dreamy wedding at The Four Seasons Hotel Seattle was an absolute beauty! Soft blush tones with draping tulle and flower petals, this wedding could not have been more magical. We designed the lush bridal bouquet with delicate flowers and a gradient of colors. Designed with roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, and larkspur, the bouquet went beautifully with the lovely princess dress the bride was wearing.

A Dreamy Ceremony

This lovely ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel was filled with lush floral arrangements and petals. We designed the aisle entrance with two tall lush floral poofs on pedestals along with petals and candles leading into the aisle. Clusters of candles and delicate rose petals lined both sides of the aisle, creating a dreamy walkway leading up to the floral arch. We designed the lush lucite arch with blush and white roses, hydrangea, and greenery. It was a dreamy arch for the wedding ceremony, and a lovely spot for the bride and groom to take their vows and kiss as newly pronounced husband and wife.

A Dreamy Wedding At The Four Seasons

This dreamy wedding reception at The Four Seasons transformed the room. The placement of the sweetheart table in front of the floral arch was prefect with the golden hour light beginning to come in. We designed lush arrangements to go on the sweetheart table to really make it the focus of the ballroom. Lovely blush and cream florals filled the sweetheart table arrangements. Tall floral poofs and candelabras tied in the flowers and candles throughout the reception hall. We provided flowers for the cascading cake florals that the pastry chef was able to place exactly as the bride had wanted. The golden hour light hit the room and toasts were made to the newly married couple, the evening of celebration went on.

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Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Like A Dream

Photographer: Betty Globa Photography

Lighting: Crimson Haze Lighting

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June 3, 2024

This glamorous summer wedding took place on a warm sunny day at a private residence in Seattle, Washington. Hannah Way Photography was able to capture all of these lovely moments. The wedding party photos are so lovely. We designed the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets with lush white ranunculus, white roses, queen anne’s lace, greenery, and a touch of blue delphinium. The bouquets looked so lovely with the pastel green bridesmaids dresses.

The groom and groomsmen went with trending pocket flowers florals used in the bouquets. We love that these neatly tuck into the pockets and no-one has to worry about pins like with traditional boutonnieres. Of course, each style gives off a unique look and cannot be replaced by the other.

A Cascading Main Entrance

As the guests get out of their vehicles, they would greeted with cascading greenery and florals from the terrace. This glamorous wedding had truly unique decor and installments at a private residence. The installations required a two day set up to make sure things were in place for the big day! When guests entered through the double doors, they would walk into a large foyer with staircases on either side wrapped with greenery and florals. Placing a custom panel with the bride and grooms initials atthe top of the staircase panel was a lovely intimate touch. The guests would continue to walk through to the back where the ceremony and reception would take place.

A Waterfront Ceremony With A Mountain View

This glamorous wedding at a private residence in Seattle had the most stunning view. The ceremony would take place in the back lawn. White chairs from CORT filled the ceremony space. Each aisle chair had a tie of baby’s breath on the side. The lush arch took the center with roses, delphiniums, and greenery. The backdrop of the ceremony was a lovely view of the water and the Olympic mountain range. The bride and groom look their vows surrounded by their loved ones.

A Glamorous Reception At A Private Residence

Guests went to cocktail hour to grab drinks and mingle The bar table was decorated with an installation on growing greenery and roses that scaled up the wall. As guests grabbed their drinks, a country band played music from over the pool. Each pool waterfall had a floral arrangement placed over it as stage decor for the band.

The reception was about to start as the guests moved to the tent. The tent was covered fairy lights by LightSmiths, greenery, and the dance floor. The head table was set in front of the arch as the sun began to set in its golden hour. The bride and groom sat in the center of the arch, their table lined with greenery, candles, and glasses to cheer.

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Venue: Private Residence

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Photographer: Hannah Way Photography

Planner: Beverly Burrows

Catering: Twelve Baskets Catering

Lighting: LightSmiths

Rental: CORT Party Rentals

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May 20, 2024

This romantic red wedding took place at a private residence in Gig Harbor. Lush red roses were placed all around this waterfront residence, creating a lovely and vibrant wedding. The lush cascading red bridal bouquet was a lovely contrast to the white wedding dress. We designed the bridal bouquet with red roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and cascading greenery and amaranthus. The bridesmaids were holding single red rose stems and wearing matching red dresses for this romantic red wedding.

An Aisle Of Red Roses

We created a stunning curved aisle of red roses. Individually placing each rose at different heights and making sure the curved aisle was clear and emphasized. We love a fun color palette and this romantic all red wedding in Gig Harbor was such a fun one to work on. The bride walked down the curves aisle with her dress trailing behind her, and the couple said their vows and kissed to lovely backdrop of the Puget Sound.

A Romantic Red Wedding Reception In Gig Harbor

The guests walked through the lovely gardens of the private residence and were welcomed to a large reception tent filled with red roses and candles. We decorated each table with candles, votives, and bud vases. Each bud vase had a single red rose stem at varying heights to give the center pieces dimension and vibrancy. As the sun set, the reception tent caught a hint of golden hour light over the water and the guest and newly married couple continued to spend the evening celebration.

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Venue: Private Residence

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Perfectly Posh Events

Photographer: Kelly Robbins Photo

Rental: CORT Party Rental & Vintage Ambiance

Beauty: He Does My Hair Studio

Tent: Quest Events

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March 11, 2024

This fairytale cherry blossom garden wedding was an absolutely dreamy creation. The tall floor to ceiling windows in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel‘s Garden Room perfectly illuminated the room with light highlighting the delicate cherry blossom blooms.

Cherry blossoms are extremely delicate blooms. Our team put in great effort and attention in making sure that each branches blooms were perfect on the day of the wedding. With crystal vases filled with cherry blossom branches and the aisle lined with rose petals, the bride walked down the aisle towards the fairytale cherry blossom garden wedding. With two large cherry blossom installments surrounded by lush meadow arrangements and candles, the bride and groom took their vows.

As the ceremony space transformed to the reception, tables are decorated with crystal vases filled with cherry blossom branches. Delicate blooms and greenery lay on each guests menu card. As Daybreak Weddings capture the fairytale cherry blossom garden wedding, the final pieces are put to life. The sweetheart table canopied under two cherry blossom tree installments. A meadow of lush floral arrangements grow from all sides of the sweetheart table, really making it feel like the newly weds are in a fairytale garden wedding.

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Venue: Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Floral Designer: Flora Nova Design

Photographer: Daybreak Weddings

Planner: Eventful Moments Planning & Design

Rentals: Cort Party Rentals, Sweet N Design

Lighting: Crimson Haze Lighting

Paper goods/Signage: On The Wall Design Studio

Beauty: Zo And Co Styling

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February 19, 2024

This charming white and blush wedding at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel create an atmosphere of timeless romance. The bride and groom were smiling the whole day as they celebrated their love. The bridal party carrying lush bouquets with white blooms, creating a sophisticated and timeless look. The brides simple and classic white wedding dress had a long trail flowing behind her as she held her lush vibrant white bouquet, designed with roses and ranunculus.

A Charming Floral Ceremony

The ceremony takes place in the Garden Room, at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, beneath a lush floral and greenery arch. This flourishing masterpiece frames the union and celebration. The arch, designed with florals and lush whimsical greenery, fills the air with the sweet scent of blossoms. Tall arrangements designed with white blooms and delicate blush accents line the aisle. The aisle, lined with candles and white and blush floral arrangements, leads to the lush arch. As the couple exchanges vows, they are enveloped in a serene atmosphere, filled with love.

A Charming White and Blush Reception

As the reception hall transforms, tables are decorated with white linens and lush arrangements of white and blush florals. Tall centerpieces filled with lush blooms create a sense of grandeur, and smaller arrangements in gold vases add an intimate touch. Each table inviting guests to celebration this charming white and blush wedding.

The lush green arch from the ceremony finds a second purpose at the reception, becoming a stunning backdrop for the cake. Adorned with white and blush flowers, the arch creates a focal point that is both elegant and romantic. The cake, a masterpiece in itself, is decorated with delicate flowers that mirror the lush and vibrant arch.

This charming white and blush wedding is a celebration where every detail, from the round bouquets to the lush ceremony arch and reception decor, is a symphony of elegance and romance. Against the canvas of white and blush, the couple’s love story unfolds.

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Venue: Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Eventful Moments

Photographer: Into Dust Photography

Videographer: Bogle Productions

Rentals: CORT Party Rentals

Lighting: Crimson Haze Event Lighting

Beauty: Bridal Beauty Agency

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February 5, 2024

A whimsical moss wedding at Chihuly Glass and Garden is designed with the ethereal beauty of moss and the vibrant allure of flowers in breathtaking arrangements. The bride’s bouquet is designed with blooming floral branches, anthuriums, and calla lilies. The theme of whimsy takes root with the choice of moss and tropical flowers as a central element, creating an organic, fairytale ambiance. For this whimsical moss wedding, Chihuly Glass and Garden becomes a canvas where nature and art entwine. The moss and tropical floral arrangements create an atmosphere of enchantment, where every element tells a story of love.

A Tropical Moss Ceremony

Moss arrangements adorn this whimsical moss wedding at Chihuly Glass and Garden . The tropical floral arrangements create an enchanted pathway, inviting guests to step into a fairy-tale realm. Tropical floral arrangements line the aisle on either side, adding a charm to the surroundings. As the couple stands by the lush arrangements, the magic of the surroundings envelops them. Cascading tendrils of amaranthus drape the ceremony pedestals. Tropical floral arrangements burst forth in vivid hues of white yellow and green, accentuating the natural greens of exotic plants.

A Whimsical Moss Garden Reception

Tables adorned with moss and tropical blooms create a seamless blend of earthy elegance and tropical vibrancy. The moss, with its velvety green texture, along with tropical florals and limes decorate the reception tables. Chihuly’s glass sculptures, illuminated by soft, warm lighting, cast a mesmerizing glow over the reception space. The newly married couple sit in front of a customized neon sign by LightSmiths surrounded by lush floral arrangements of varying heights. The interplay of glass art, vibrant florals, and the natural lushness of moss transports guests into a dreamscape where reality and fantasy coalesce.

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Venue: Chihuly Garden and Glass

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Photographer: Lin Deng Photography

Rentals: CORT Party Rentals, LightSmiths

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January 15, 2024

This lovely bride and groom are ready to celebrate their lovely candlelight wedding at The Bellevue Club, dressed in vibrant hues of reds and golds. The bride wears an intricate lehenga, adorned with sequins and embroidery. The groom wears a regal sherwani, which complements the beautiful gold embroidery on the brides outfit. The bride’s hands adorned with henna speak of intricate artistry. The couple’s portraits capture stolen glances, tender moments, and the promise of a shared future.

A Candlelight Reception

The reception ambiance is enveloped in a classic black and white palette, creating a sophisticated and enchanting atmosphere. Vibrant and lush white floral arrangements adorn the reception hall for this candlelight wedding at The Bellevue Club . The White arrangements creating a breathtaking contrast against the rich black tablecloths. Candelabras adorned the tables, casting a warm and romantic glow throughout the room.

The focal point of the reception are the lovely lush floral arrangements. White blooms adorn each table like delicate clouds. The contrast between the pristine flowers and the black table linens adds a touch of drama, elevating the aesthetic. Guests are greeted in the candlelight wedding reception filled with white floral arrangements and candlelights. The fragrance of the flowers combined with the soft glow of candlelight created a romantic reception environment.

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Venue: Bellevue Club

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Manette Gracie Wedding & Event Coordination

Photographer: Victor Zerga Photographer

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January 2, 2024

This timeless white wedding unfolds like a fairy tale on this perfect day against the elegant and historic charm of The Admiral’s House. This iconic venue makes the perfect setting for couples seeking a classic and sophisticated celebration of their love. The venue entrance is a captivating sight, adorned with urns brimming with lush white floral arrangements. The urns create an atmosphere of timeless elegance. The sweet fragrance of the blossoms mingles with the excitement in the air for the celebrations that await.

Against the floral backdrop stands an antique bar by Vintage Ambiance. A timeless piece that adds a touch of vintage charm to the entrance. The bar becomes a focal point, inviting guests to pause and savor the timeless white florals urns and growing vines. This beautiful entry is simply the beginning of the day for this timeless white wedding at The Admiral’s House.

An Ethereal Ceremony

In this picturesque wedding ceremony, the gracefully curved aisle is adorned with a symphony of white floral arrangements and urns. The air is filled with the scent of fresh blossoms, creating a fragrant pathway that leads to the heart of the celebration. The bride wears a delicate white lace gown that mirrors the intricate beauty of the floral arrangements that surround her. Against the backdrop of grandeur urns and floral arrangements, the ceremony takes place. The curved aisle, with its seamless flow and abundance of white blooms, becomes a metaphor for the couple’s journey together. One with grace, beauty, and the promise of a future filled with love and shared moments.

A Timeless White Wedding Reception

Amid the historic charm of The Admiral’s House, the reception wedding tent comes to life. Suspended from above, a tapestry of greenery and delicate lanterns bathes the reception tent in a soft, romantic glow. The tables stretch across the tent are adorned with timeless white floral arrangements that mirror the splendor of the arrangements that fill the garden. The clinking of antique tableware and the glow of candlelights and floral arrangements create an atmosphere of timeless elegance, offering glimpses of the timeless beauty that surrounds the celebration.

As the evening progresses, the mingling fragrance of fresh greenery and blossoms fills the air. Against this backdrop, the bride and groom share their first dance, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones and the lantern lights. This timeless white wedding at The Admiral’s House, with its fusion of natural elements, antique accents, and historic charm, becomes an evening of lasting memories of love.

A Timeless White Wedding at The Admiral’s House in Seattle is a celebration that weaves together history, elegance, and love, leaving a mark on the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to witness it.

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Venue: The Admiral’s House

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Sway Events

Photographer: Naba Zabih

Rentals: CORT Party Rentals, Vintage Ambiance, Quest Events, BBJ La Tavola

Vinyl Floor Wrap: Lux Dance Floors

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December 4, 2023

We are in the midst of Holiday Season – a very fun and welcome change from the wedding and event work during the rest of the year. Much of December we are covered in glitter and the showroom smells of fresh pine needles. It is the season when we help many annual clients decorate their large annual corporate holiday galas, their office spaces, or their employee dinner parties. It sure is a fun time of year for us. The party we are sharing today is an annual, super-fun event for us. Every year this client picks a different theme for their gala. And last year’s theme was A Holiday Gala: A Night of Magic.

This black-and-white party was modern, hip, and oh-so stylish! We used all white floral, candles and more candles, and silver orbs of various sizes to decorate each of the tables. Black linens and clear ghost chairs completed the look. Magical lighting, and large clusters of silver balloons throughout the space added that magical touch. Kevin from SLAY Events truly slayed it!!

I hope you enjoyed these images of A Holiday Gala: A Night of Magic! If you are in need of an event decorator, please contact us – we love to help!

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Vendor List

Planner: SLAY Events

Venue: W Bellevue

Lighting: Lightsmiths

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Balloons: Pump Up Party

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November 20, 2023

We are so very excited to be sharing this beautiful winter wedding on our blog this week! Delaney and Garrett’s romantic, candle-lit, evergreen winter wedding at Axis Pioneer Square was an affair to be remembered. And we loved the couple’s vision to use lots of winter greenery, just white floral, lots of candles, and fun forest textures. For the bouquets we used Panda anemones, white spray roses, white ranunculus, pine cones, eucalyptus pods, and various evergreens.

An Evergreen Winter Wedding Ceremony

For Delaney and Garret’s wedding ceremony we sources lots of evergreen trees of various heights and styles. By grouping tem together they created a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. Then we lined the aisle with lots of hurricane candles on beds of evergreen. And the ceiling sparkled in warm twinkle lights. It can’t be more romantic than that!

An Evergreen Winter Wedding Reception

Now look at all those beautiful tables for the reception. We decorated some tables with tall vases filled with evergreen branches. And other tables we filled with a large grouping of hurricane candles. And then we lined the long head table with tall candelabras, small floral vases, and lots and lots of candle holders. Just wow!

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Venue: Axis Pioneer Square

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Planner: Eventful Moments Planning & Design

Photographer: Gina Paulson Photography

Rentals: CORT Party Rentals

Lighting: LightSmiths Seattle

Catering: Foodz Catering

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October 9, 2023

This absolutely striking and dramatic Lotte Hotel Seattle wedding was straight out of a dark fall romance novel. The color palette was a rich variety of deep blue, burgundy, and beige. We designed the bridal bouquet with rich burgundy peonies and amaranthus, complemented with peach ranunculus and wispy blue eryngos.

The ceremony was set in The Lotte Hotel, located in the heart of Seattle. We designed the ceremony arch in the center of the large Beaux Arts-style room, allowing the wedding guests to be seated around the arch. The arch design was a mix of preserved foliage and fresh roses. A stunning combination of navy blue, burgundy, and beige dried leaves and textured airy foliage designed the top of the dramatic arch. With the lights dimmed and the spotlight on the center of the room, the couple took their vows surrounded by friends and family.

A Dramatic Lotte Hotel Seattle Reception

This Lotte Hotel Seattle wedding reception had a romantic candlelight dinner ambiance. With a live band playing and a bar now centered in the room around the floral installation, the reception comes to life. Bud vases line the tables with a rich variety of deep blue, burgundy, and beige florals.

This wedding was a lovely combination of striking dried foliage and lush fresh florals. Textures and colors blended in arrangements to make the couples truly unique and personalized vision come to life. This Lotte Hotel Seattle wedding was a lovely and stunning November wedding, one we will always cherish.

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Venue: The Sanctuary at Lotte Hotel Seattle

Planner: Jaime Johnson Events

Floral Design: Flora Nova Design

Photographer: Alissa Ferguson

Lighting: Lightsmiths

Bar: Happy Hour Designer Bar Rentals

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September 11, 2023

This romantic storybook wedding in Seattle sparked our hearts! We love when couples add elements to the wedding day that really speak to them and their interests. This couple in particular were novel lovers, and they wanted that to be a part of their big day. The design for the stunning bridal bouquet included lush draping greenery and lovely white roses, anemones, and ranunculus. The bride chose to add lovely paper roses made from the pages of a loved novel! Taking place in the lovely brick walls of Axis Pioneer Square, the big day begins.

A Romantic Ceremony

The candle light aisle was filled with growing floral arrangements. We uniquely designed each aisle arrangements, creating a lush row of growing florals on either side of the aisle, each with candles tucked around it. A lush asymmetrical arch highlighted the ceremony space as the couple took their vows. Draping greenery creates the curves in the arch, creating a long trail around the couple as they stand. The greenery delicately laces around the lovely white roses and dahlias as the wispy scabiosa adds an airy texture to the installation. The couple shared their vows and kissed in front of their loved ones.